• About Us


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce is to promote the growth and success of business in Monroe County, Michigan.


    We accomplish our mission by offering programs and services that increase our members’ bottom line. That’s right! We promise that by getting “activated” in Chamber activities, the result will be more customers for your business!

    It’s that easy

    2016 Annual Report


    Monroe County Chamber of Commerce By-Laws


    Monroe County Chamber of Commerce Articles of Incorporation


    Honorary Members

    Pricilla Hutra    
    James “Birdie” Burchette
    Kathy Duvall    
    Charlotte “Charlie” Mahoney    
    James DuBay    
    Larry Miller
      Patricia Campbell
    Richard Micka
    Sandra McConnell
    Robert Clark (Mayor, City of Monroe)
    F/Lt. Mary Kapp


  • “The Old Guard” – Past Chairpersons

    Robert Sawyer 1958
    Warren W. Gruber 1960
    Walter G. Haessler 1961
    Herman F. Gertz 1962
    Lewis D. McClure 1963-64
    James S. Spillson 1965
    Robert Meyer 1966
    Eugene E. Poupard 1967
    Nistor Potcova, Jr. 1968
    Donald E. Schafer 1969
    Dr. Ronald Campbell 1970
    William D. Smith 1971
    Harold L. Kegler 1972
    Michael Yaeger 1973-74
    Dr. Robert Kollin 1975
    William Domick (deceased) 1976
    Daniel Valmassei 1977
    Richard Fleure 1978
    Marvin Kaiser 1978-79
    William P. Morris 1980
    Nicholas Carlton 1981
    William Malak 1982
    Ronald D. LaBeau 1983
    William D. McIntyre 1984-85
    Donald A. Johnson 1986-87
    John Cherpak 1988
    Scott Hudkins 1988-89
    Marjorie Knabusch Kreps 1990
    Russell Wills 1991
    George W. Stoner 1992
    Sheila West 1993
    Jae Maxfield 1994
    Timothy Bennett 1995
    George Montgomery 1996-97
    Ron Herr 1997-98
    James DuBay 1998-99
    Sandra McConnell 1999-2000
    Mike Newman 2000-01
    John Patterson 2001-02
    Ted Meyer 2003
    Don Spencer 2004
    Laurie Berry 2005
    Richard Micka 2006
    Susan J. Vanisacker 2007
    Molly Luempert-Coy 2008
    Tom Myers 2009-10
    Brian Reicker 2011-12
    Greg Kreps 2013
    Barry Buschmann 2014