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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce is to promote the growth and success of business in Monroe County, Michigan.


    We accomplish our mission by offering programs and services that increase our members’ bottom line. That’s right! We promise that by getting “activated” in Chamber activities, the result will be more customers for your business!

    It’s that easy

    2017 Annual Report


    Monroe County Chamber of Commerce By-Laws


    Monroe County Chamber of Commerce Articles of Incorporation


    Honorary Members

    Pricilla Hutra    
    James “Birdie” Burchette
    Kathy Duvall    
    Charlotte “Charlie” Mahoney    
    James DuBay    
    Larry Miller
      Patricia Campbell
    Richard Micka
    Sandra McConnell
    Robert Clark (Mayor, City of Monroe)
    F/Lt. Mary Kapp


  • Old Guard